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How your electrician can help you lower your power bills

Many households have felt the pinch from rising electricity bills in recent years. Your electrician can help you reduce your electricity bills if “turn off all the lights!” is a frequent refrain in your household. These are five easy steps to reduce your power-bill shock.

1Energy efficiency audit

You can request an audit and inspection of your energy usage by a qualified electrician. This will help you identify key areas of expenditure and waste and make recommendations for solutions. These audits are often conducted by our electricians from Bondi to Sydney.

You can also request a review of the terms and conditions of your current electrical contractor to determine if you are currently with an electricity provider that meets your needs.

2. Installation of LED lightbulbs

A simple and inexpensive solution is to have an electrician replace your incandescent bulbs with LED lights. The cost of traditional light bulbs was higher than before, but technological advancements have brought down the price. According to the Australian Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, LED globes can save up to four to five times as much energy.

3. Review your appliances

You should arrange for testing and inspection of any appliances or white goods that you have. An electrical item in poor shape can consume more energy and cost more to operate than one in good condition. You might consider purchasing energy-efficient white goods or electrical items. Talk to an electrician if you have any questions about energy efficiency ratings or want advice on which appliance is best suited for your needs. You should also have your electrical system inspected for safety before calling an emergency electrician.

4. Ask experts for assistance

Ask about electrical services to see what products you can use to reduce your electricity consumption. For example, thermostats regulate the temperature inside your home or office. You might consider replacing your hot water system with one that is solar.

5. Be smart

Ask your electrician to provide a quote for your electrical system automation. Imagine how much you could save by having your electrical system automatically turn off lights when there are no people in the room or turning off the air conditioning when the temperature reaches a certain level.

It makes perfect sense to be proactive in saving electricity and helping the environment. For tips and tricks, talk to an electrician licensed in your area.

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